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You decide !

You want to decide yourself what you want to show at your screen.
The monitor system 6.3 makes it easy for you. Per hour you can show different contents and offers, because your customers aren't the same throughout the day.

No USB sticks anymore: with your laptop you change the contents from your office.
New Years Day? Different Content. No problem.

Eazie Zoetermeer


Five screens show the menu and the products in a great way. Customers order more because of the presentation.

Fishshop Amsterdam

The fishshop in Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena sells portions of fish in the morning. From 12 to 2 they sell a bread with fish to office employees, and in the afternoon they sell ready, warm meals. The picuters change thorughout the day.

No more USB sticks

From any laptop in the network of your company you can change the contents.
You have several screens with the same contents? Than 1 system is the master and the others follow.

Better presentation

A better presentation of your products will grow your sales.


excl VAT and transport

Standalone EUR 191

The player works independently. You maintain the pictures and movies via your network. It cann't be easier.

EUR 0mth
You pay once EUR 191.
Every hour another selection. There is a news band with your own news and offers, which runs at the bottom of the screen.
jpg, mp4, text, newsband and pricelist

Locall netwerk EUR 191

You want to show the same contents at several screens in your network. At one system you specify the contents and the other systems copy from the master.
EUR 0mth
Per monitor you need a system of EUR 191. Per hour another selection of pictures and movies. There is a news band with your own news and offers, which runs at the bottom of the screen.
  • jpg, mp4, text, news band, pricelist

Via internet EUR 191

Your prepare your contents via internet. The system retrieves it and shows it on the screen. The selection of pictures and movies changes like you have specified.
EUR 7mth
Per monitor you need a system of EUR 191, with a monthly rate of EUR 7 per screen. Every hour other pictures and movies. If internet is not available the system continues playing the old contents.
  • jpg, mp4

Install EUR 65

We bring the system and make it work at your premises. You can do this yourself with the manual.
EUR 65once
We install for EUR 65 per system. We dont charge more than EUR 130 per shop. It can be more depending on the distance from our company.